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Skytile is a flat panel commercial fitting that uses an innovative light transmitter which works in a similar way to fibre optics. The quick and easy retrofit design allows Skytile to directly replace the less efficient traditional fluorescent fittings. They can be used in a wide variety of applications including offices, hospitals, sports stadia, universities, schools, airports and shopping centres. Skytile creates near perfect daylight working conditions with 4700K; this gives an enhanced lighting effect within the workplace, making Skytiles the superior solution for all commercial applications. Contact cablefrog today for a free quote.

Skytile 2700 lumens – the direct replacement for fluorescent Specifically designed to directly replace the old fashioned fluorescent modular fittings.

Skytile 3300 lumens – higher ceilings and extra light Used where additional light is required within the working environment or for higher ceilings.

What are the benefits of the skytile – energy efficient commercial lights? 

  • Zero maintenance for life
  • A major benefit over fluorescent is no tube changing and lifetime reliability. Skytile has been exhaustively specified and tested to ensure a resilient structure with good thermal properties and excellent light output over the panel’s lifetime.
  • Outstanding running cost savings
  • Up to 60% energy saving when compared to fluorescent.
  • Great looks and cleanliness
  • The tile beats fluorescent on aesthetics with simple clean lines and the flat surface avoids dust build up making cleaning simple.
  • Emergency & Dimmable versions available
  • Easy to clean wipeable surface
  • 40,000 hours
  • Emergency & Dimmable versions available
  • Suspension kits available

1. Advanced LEDs-Light is projected from the high specification LEDs directly into the light transmitter. Skytile LED technology provides maximum light with minimum energy consumption.

2. Light reflector-The high quality aluminium ‘light reflector’ ensures that all light is reflected back into the light transmitter.

3. Innovative light transmitter-The surface properties of the ‘light transmitter’ act in a similar manner to fibre optics and allow light to move evenly throughout the fitting. The base of the panel is covered in ‘light pixels’ which transmits all the light into the custom optical polycarbonate diffuser.

4. Polycarbonate light diffuser-Unlike acrylic, the polycarbonate diffuser will not drip hot plastic in the event of a fire (TPA Rating), providing extra safety assurance in the workplace. The custom optical polycarbonate diffuser ensures that the spread of light emitted from Skytile provides an even light distribution to the room.

5. Exceptionally thin and light weight structure The ultra-slim aluminium construction houses the LEDs and aligns them to the light transmitter. The JCC Skytile is easy and lightweight to handle with maximum strength and durability.

Outstanding running cost savings

Skytile is one of the most effective ways to reduce your businesses CO2 consumption.

  • Skytile’s advanced LED technology consumes significantly less energy than traditional
  • Lighting typically accounts for 30% of electricity consumed in a commercial building. Use JCC Skytile and this consumption could fall by nearly two thirds.
  • Effective CO2 reduction
  • Skytile helps to reduce energy costs and can play a major role in improving your sustainability profile
  • Advanced LED lighting has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional fluorescent fittings
  • When installed throughout a workplace, Skytile can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions.
None of the problems created by traditional fluorescent lamps

Traditional fluorescent lamps collect dust and debris overtime which reduces their performance and efficiency. Periodic cleaning is costly, requiring each lamp to be removed from the fitting, cleaned and then re-inserted. As many traditional fluorescent luminaries have 4 lamps per fitting, the time saving with Skytile can have a significant impact of costs. Skytile requires no lamp removal and the polycarbonate diffuser provides and easy to clean, wipeable surface.

No need for lamp replacements

Thanks to the advanced LED technology of the JCC Skytile, customers can forget about lamp replacements and the costs that this maintenance incurs. This not only eliminates the direct cost of lamp replacement, but also the burden on businesses to dispose of lamps in the correct way.


Fluorescent lamps are now classified as hazardous waste and must be disposed of accordingly. Environmental pollution from discarded electronic equipment, particularly in landfill, is an increasing worldwide concern. Traditional fluorescent lamps are now categorised as hazardous waste under the WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).Businesses who wish to dispose of fluorescent lamps cannot take them back to their retailer. They must approach a registered waste carrier to safely dispose of fluorescent lamps in a compliant way.

Easy installation

Quick and easy to install, ensuring minimal disruption in the workplace. Skytile measures 600mm x 600mm, which allows it to fit seamlessly into fixtures used for less efficient fluorescent lighting.This retrofit design ensures fuss-free and quick installation, allowing offices, retail and other commercial environments to switch to cost-efficient enhanced lighting technology with the minimum of disruption to the workplace.

Skytile’s advanced lighting technology improves Illumination in the workplace, generating light coverage that surpasses traditional fluorescent modules and helps to create a more efficient and productive environment.

Light is evenly distributed on walls and ceilings, solving the problem of dark spaces and poor lighting in the workplace. Excellent lighting levels are generated from floor to ceiling which assists with LG3 & LG7 guidelines for lighting workspaces.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy of a light fitting is measured in hours and is dependent on the type of light source and the operating environment.

  • Skytile has a life expectancy of 40,000 hours
  • A T8 fluorescent tube has a life expectancy of 20,000 hours. However, the life expectancy can be halved by changes in operating temperature and also the number of times the light is switched on and off
  • Skytile = 40,000 hours life expectancy -4 x 18W Fluorescent = by 10,000 hours an average of 50% of lamps would have failed!