Electric Car Charging - Electricians Southampton

From simple, low cost domestic charging units, through to the larger sophisticated multiple Commercial Charging stations, we can design and install a range of EV’s to suit every location and budget. EV charging stations come in many shapes and sizes and are designed and built to be flexible and compatible with all leading motor manufacturers electric cars. We pride ourseleves in our ability to personalise your project ensuring your charging unit suits your individual requirements and specifications.

We have experience in fitting a range of EV charging points from garden centres to luxury hotels. Call us to arrange a site visit, an engineer will come to site to discuss your options and provide you with a quote.

Cablefrog are trained in EV installation by the NIC so you can rest assured a top quality service

nic car charging southampton

As we do not conform to the high prices charged by other companies we are able to offer you the installation from as little as £450 + VAT.

For a FREE consultation contact Lee on 07968180751 or for more information visit our sister company PV Plus www.pv-plus.co.uk