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Electric Car Charging

protean electric car

“My first real interest into the electric car industry was when i was invited to tender for a refurbishment project on the research and development centre for the electric car. After winning the project wi soon realised that this was a very exciting and vibrant  industry and one that was going to have major impacts not only on transport but on the environment.The aim – generate an energy efficient, affordable mode of transport.

We all know that oil and gas is not cheap and not sustainable. Over a 2 year period i learnt about different aspects of the electric car and how it was to evolve, so naturally i got interested. I began to  research and look into ways in which I could make these plans for the future, as cheap and as environmentally friendly as possible. This is when PV-plus was established, with a view to install solar PV on buildings and fit electric car charging stations, this would allow employees to drive to work in their electric cars and charge up during the day, at little or no cost to the employer. How can you stand out from your competitors? Show an interest in green technologies. Electric cars have already made their impact worldwide and we feel that this is the natural progression of the UK, electric car charging points are rapidly showing up across the UK and will continue to do so at supermarkets, homes, places of work and leisure, in order to meet public demand. The Department for Transport announced in April 2009 that £230 million would be allocated to incentives the market uptake of EVs in the UK. The scheme become operational in 2011 and each EV purchaser could receive a rebate of between £2,000 -£5,000. Nearly all main car manufacturers will be announcing their EV’s between 2012 -2013.”